Your Texas franchise tax questions: Answered


Authored by RSM US LLP

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It’s been a busy year in Texas: revised apportionment rules, three Texas Supreme Court cost of goods sold cases, research and development credit updates, and much more. The interconnectivity of the business environment and size of the growing Texas economy can mean broad and far-reaching impact for taxpayers in any state.

Watch this webcast with RSM state and local tax leaders to hear about these changes, key scenarios to consider, and the impact to your business. On this webcast we will:

  • Discuss the application of apportionment rules that can shift tax burdens
  • Explore the effects of recent Texas supreme court cases to your cost of goods sold deduction
  • Provide updates on the Texas research and development credit

Our presenters

Chris Gorman

Senior Manager

Mike Williams


Brian Kirkell


Brian provides advanced technical analysis of state and local tax issues important to middle market businesses. Reach him at

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