We Brand Our Videos to Your Firm.

We’ve built a library of videos that cover a wide variety of topics and we’re producing new videos each and every month.

You’re able to select which videos you’d like branded to your firm and posted to your website.

Marketing by Numbers Sample Video Gallery

The following gallery contains videos from both tracks 1 and 2 in our library. Click below to watch any of our videos.

Film Your Own Videos

With Marketing by Numbers, you have the ability to use our scripts to record your own videos right from your office. You can use any of our prewritten video scripts and customize them however you like. You can even write your own scripts from scratch.

We’ll send you a portable video studio which includes a stand, lights and microphone. With our video software, you’ll be able to use your phone or tablet as a teleprompter that runs and records your video.

Once you’re finished recording, our production team will download your video, enhance it with graphics and post it on a custom landing page for the world to see.