Sales & Marketing CRM

A Sales and Marketing CRM perfect for accounting firms

Marketing by Numbers offers a custom version of the BenchmarkONE sales and marketing CRM. Centralize and segment contacts, send emails, manage your business development pipeline and track everything.

Segment contacts, send emails, manage your pipeline, track engagement all-in-one place!

Customized award-winning sales and marketing CRM platform

Your Account is fully integrated into the Content Hub allowing you to add email template with the click of a button. We have an exclusive IP address, just for our clients, to maximize deliverability to the inbox. We’ll work side by side with you in your marketing efforts – you’re in total control.

Total Contact Management

Our platform enables you to centralize all of your clients, prospects and referral sources. Add or import new contacts at any time. Deploy online forms and landing pages to capture new leads. Use “tags” to segment your contacts and deliver highly personalized emails.

Marketing Automation to the Max

Send your contacts highly targeted one-off emails or start them on a multi-step marketing campaign. Our system will monitor each contact’s engagement and automatically take action based on specific events or contact scoring. This is like bionics for marketing.

Track all of your Metrics

Our reports will keep you well informed and enable you to make intelligent decisions.

Sales & Marketing CRM FAQs

What if I am already using a Sales and Marketing CRM?

No problem.  If you are already using a platform like Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot or something else you can just copy and paste the HTML code for the email template right into your email builder.

Do you help import contacts?

Yes.  We are happy to help with an initial import of your contact and/or schedule a strategy session to discuss best practices including segmentation.  Although working with Practice Management systems can be complicated and we do not do full data conversion.  We are working on a Data Management tool that will simplify this process; stay tuned.

Who should be users in the CRM?

Typically firms will create a User for each person in a marketing or sales role within the firm. Additionally, if you would like to send emails on behalf of specific employees within your firm, you will need to add those employees as Users in the CRM.

Do you include training on the Sales and Marketing CRM?

You bet.  We provide your initial training and you can schedule trainings in the future as you add additional users.

Don't just take our word for it...

For years, we’ve looked for a CRM that worked seamlessly to combine marketing automation + content. We found it with Marketing by Numbers (MBN). The bonus is that the MBN team UNDERSTANDS accounting firms and what we’re looking for. The platform is easy to use and the content is first-rate. We could not be more pleased with MBN and the team behind it!

Cindy Scott

Chief Marketing Officer, Jackson Thornton Certified Public Accountants & Consultants