Thought Leadership Marketing.
Just for Accounting Firms.

We combine CRM, Thought Leadership Content, and Marketing Strategy to help Accounting Firms showcase their expertise to clients and prospects, and generate intelligent conversations that lead to new business opportunities.

A marketing solution that you and your clients will love.

CRM + Thought Leadership Content + Email Marketing

We turn your website into a thought leadership hub

We can either add thought leadership content to your existing resource gallery or we can design a new gallery for you. We’ll populate your gallery with videos that you choose. You’re always in control of what is published on your site.

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Click on the image to watch an example video.

We brand and publish our amazing videos to your website.

You can select any videos from our extensive library to publish to your site.

Our video marketing delivers engaging, educational videos that your clients will understand and love.

And, you’ll have exclusive rights to the track of videos in your area.

See our complete video library.

You can record your own videos.

With Marketing by Numbers, you have the ability to use our scripts to record your own videos right from your office. You can use any of our prewritten video scripts and customize them however you like. You can even write your own scripts from scratch.

We’ll send you a portable video studio which includes a stand, lights, and microphone. With our video software, you’ll be able to use your phone or tablet as a teleprompter that runs and records your video.

Once you’re finished recording, our production team will download your video, enhance it with graphics and post it on a custom landing page for the world to see.

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We’ll design and send beautiful emails to your clients and prospects

Each time we publish a video to your site, we’ll create a corresponding email template that can be sent to your clients and prospects.

Our email templates are beautifully designed, specific to your firm’s brand. Each email is strategically designed for maximum engagement by showcasing just one topic with an obvious call to action.

Our emails receive two to three times the engagement of typical emails.

Sales and Marketing CRM

Included is a custom version of the BenchmarkONE software which combines CRM, email marketing, and marketing automation into one platform.

With our platform, you can quickly and easily import and segment contacts, create and send emails, and track your contacts engagement activity.

If you already have a sales and marketing system in place, you can continue to use it.

Social Media Manager

With our Social Media Manager, you can easily post MBN Videos and your own publications to any social properties such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with the click of a button.

Our platform makes it easier than ever to instantly post to your social media properties, schedule posts for the future, maintain a social media calendar, and keep your followers always updated with your latest thought leadership.

Don’t just take our word for it….