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Every feature in every plan, no start-up fees and a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Save 15% with Semi-Annual Plans
Starter Plan $299
1,500 Contacts
1 Email Send per Month
Expert "Done-For-You" Service
Fully Branded Marketing Library
Personalized Email Campaigns
Conversation Alerts and Reports
Premium Plan $799
10,000 Contacts
2 Email Sends per Month
Everything in the Plus Plan and:
Ability to Star In Your Own Videos
Portable Video Studio & Software
All prices are based on a single office location with content exclusivity.

Do you have multiple office locations?
We provide significant discounts for multiple locations. Contact us to receive a quote.


Will all of my content be branded?

You betcha. Whether it’s a video, whitepaper or landing page, your branding will be displayed, creating a seamless brand experience for your contacts.

How many senders do I need?

You can choose to send emails from a single sender (you, a partner or your sales department) or send from each individual partner and/or accountant for a more personalized approach. The choice is yours, and you can upgrade anytime.

How long does the setup process take?

Getting started is simple. First, we will need a high-resolution logo for your business so that we can create custom-branded emails, landing pages, whitepapers and videos. Second, we will need a list of your contacts and email addresses. We’ll work with you to properly segment your contacts. It takes about one to two weeks to get up and running.

How does exclusivity work?

You will be the only firm in your area able to use a specific track of videos. Each track of videos is unique based on the topics, scripts, actors and post-production designs. Your exclusive area is generally 5 to 15 mile radius from your office, depending on the population density of your geographic area.

Can I review the content before sending to my contacts?

Absolutely. Most of our clients find that our pre-built content is stellar out of the box, but if you find you’d like to tweak the messaging in your emails or not send information on a specific topic, it’s no problem.

What if a contact doesn’t want to receive my emails?

Not a problem. They’ll be able to unsubscribe at any time.

How will I know if my contacts are engaged?

Our technology will automatically score your contacts based on their activity. We’ll show you who is engaging with your business so you know who your most interested contacts are. We can also send you an alert in real-time to let you know who’s watching your videos and downloading your whitepapers.

Can I try Marketing By Numbers for a month?

Sure thing. With Marketing By Numbers there’s no pesky contracts or long-term commitment. You can always pay semi-annually and receive a 15% discount.

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