for small firms

Effortlessly post and communicate great thought leadership content

Creating and communicating thought leadership content is challenging for any firm, but you’re in luck. You can leverage our amazing videos, or customizable articles. Publish content directly to your website and easily communicate through email and social media; allowing you to focus on other priorities.

Below is our “hands-off” solution for firms that just need the easy button.

Select content to publish

We’ve built a library of marketing content covering a wide variety of topics to educate your clients and prospects. All content has been written and vetted by professional CPAs, so you can count on accuracy.

Publish it to your website

We’ll create a resource gallery or integrate with an existing gallery or blog. Select a feature image, or we’ll choose one for you.

Communicate with clients and prospects

For each new topic posted, the platform can instantly create an email template. Just let us know which topics you’d like to send each month.

Post new content to your social media properties

Select your cadence of social media posts and the platform will post to social media automatically.

Receive contact requests

If your contacts would like more information on a given topic, they simply fill out a form and you’ll receive an email alert to get in touch

FAQs for small businesses

Can I add additional content to an email before sending?

You bet, you can add content using the email editor, or just let us know what you’d like to add.

Can I remove content from our gallery?

Yes.  You can remove content in the content hub or just let us know what you would like to remove.  You are always in control.

Can we recommend topics?

We love getting content recommendations from our clients.  When topics are recommended we usually put them on top of the list.

How do we select content?

You can select content from the content library.  When new content is available you’ll receive an alert, you can publish content through the content hub, or just let us know what you’d like to publish.  You can have as many people as you want receive content alerts.

Do you include training on the platform?

Absolutely, we provide training as needed.  We are happy to run things for you or provide training until you are comfortable running things yourself.

How long does the set-up process take?

The setup process is quick and easy; usually taking about 10 – 14 days. 

Don't just take our word for it...

We are crazy busy and Marketing by Numbers enables us to send really impressive videos to our clients with limited work on our part.

Steve Dolins

Managing Partner and Co-Founder, The Dolins Group, Ltd.