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Marketing by Numbers creates both branded videos and customizable articles

Content is written by expert writers and verified by subject matter experts to ensure accuracy. We cover both hot topics as well as evergreen topics. You’re always in control, select which topics are most relevant to your expertise and audience.

Leverage our videos and articles

We brand and publish our amazing videos to your website

You can select any videos from our extensive library to publish to your site. Our video marketing delivers engaging, educational videos that your clients will understand and love.  And, you’ll have exclusive rights to the track of videos in your area.

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Select, edit and publish branded thought-leadership articles to your website

Each month, Marketing by Numbers produces 6 new articles that you can publish to your site. Best of all, you’re able to edit any of the articles; add or remove content, add a quote from a partner, mention services you provide, or whatever your heart desires. Our articles are professionally written and cover a wide variety of topics including recent legislation and changes in tax law.

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Article & Video FAQs

How does exclusivity work for videos?

You will be the only firm in your area able to use a specific track of videos. Each track of videos is unique based on the topics, scripts, actors, and post-production designs. Your exclusive area is generally a 5 to 15-mile radius from your office, depending on the population density of your geographic area.

Can we attribute the articles to our firm or an individual within the firm?

Absolutely, you can list your firm as the author or an individual expert.

Do you create custom content?

We do not create custom content, but we love getting topic recommendations.  If you are looking to create custom content be sure to check out our AI Writing Assistant.

Will “Marketing by Numbers” show up anywhere in the video or article page?

No way.  You’re always listed as the author and expert.

Don't just take our word for it...

Our clients love receiving the short videos and each email send generates new client conversations for us.
Jennah Purk

President, Purk & Associates, P.C.