ai assistant

AI writing assistant, designed specifically for the accounting industry

Content creation is challenging, this is especially true in the accounting industry because so much knowledge resides in the minds of your internal experts. At your fingertips you’ll be able to generate topic ideas, source articles, create outlines and key points; simplifying content creation for everyone involved.

Write your own articles in no time flat

AI can be used in many ways to assist in tasks such as content creation, optimization, and curation. Our AI Writing assistant is specifically trained and designed for the accounting industry. While it is not recommended to use AI to write articles, our approach makes content creation much more efficient for marketers and your internal experts.

Find topics & research articles

Use our research tool to help find your next great topic idea or search for articles on general or specific topics from thousands of accounting firms.

Simplify content creation

Find relevant topics in the research tool and use your AI assistant to create summaries, key points, outlines and questions answered from published articles; or piece together key components from multiple articles.

Ask your AI assistant

Your AI assistant is not limited to creating outlines and summaries. You can ask it anything you want; for example, write a paragraph or a quote, create a list of suggested titles or an excerpt for your article.

It all comes together in one screen

AI Assistant FAQs

Can the AI Writing Assistant write full articles?

Yes, and the writing and accuracy is generally high quality.  That said, there can be mistakes and it is always a best practice to review, edit and customize AI-generated content.

Does Google dismiss AI-Generated content for SEO purposes?

There is no penalty for using AI-generated content; content is rated based on the quality of the content regardless of how it is created read more about Google Search’s guidance about AI-generated content.

Don't just take our word for it...

The AI writer has been a game-changer when it comes to drafting new original content. The process of creating new articles has gone from taking days or weeks to just hours, and the ability to collaborate with others is seamless.
Sarah Stage

Director of Marketing, Insero & Co. CPAs