Video Marketing Strategies for Accounting Firms and Why to Use Them

by Mar 14, 2023

As someone who works at an accounting firm, you already have a deep understanding of the importance of numbers. So, here’s a number that might surprise you: 88%. That’s the percentage of people who say that they have been convinced to purchase a product or service because of a brand’s video


of people say they have been convinced to purchase a product or service because of a brand's video

Incorporating videos into your marketing strategy can help introduce your brand to the world. Videos can simplify complex concepts to win over prospective clients or employees. This type of content can offer a great return on investment as a part of your marketing strategy–whether it’s by attracting new employees and contracts, sharing company culture and values, or simply helping to educate clients.

Why Videos Are an Important Part of a Successful Marketing Strategy

Wyzowl’s annual State of Video Marketing survey found that 94% of marketers agree that video has helped them increase user understanding of products or services. After all, people typically respond well to visual cues–so it’s no surprise that marketers find video marketing to be useful. In fact, a HubSpot study found that more than half of surveyed consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support, indicating a clear demand for video marketing.


of marketers agree that video has helped them increase user understanding of products or services

It’s important to remember that your clients are often as busy as you are, meaning they have limited time to digest the information you share with them. Videos make for an easy-to-digest content piece, which could be a refreshing change from regular written content. Using video, you can convey your message in a manner that will help you stand out from your competitors.

So, how can you incorporate video into your current marketing plan? Below are a few great ways that your firm can start utilizing video content to better serve your clients, attract new employees, and generate more revenue.

4 Ways an Accounting Firm Can Use Video Content in Its Marketing Strategy

Introduce Your Brand With a Video

It isn’t a stretch to say that your website is the face of your entire brand. In most cases, business prospects, referrals, and potential employees are going to visit your website before ever making contact with you. It’s your online storefront, and that is why it’s important that you are able to use your website to efficiently portray all of your firm’s best and unique qualities.

Your website is the best way to display your firm’s industry knowledge and authority, team, and culture. But most accounting firms opt for long-winded written copy that can get incredibly boring, and fast. Potential clients or employees who visit your firm’s website for the first time could find the amount of information to be overwhelming. But with video, you can cut through the noise.

A well-produced introduction video can provide website visitors with an engaging and informative first view of your company. Create a video for your firm that really makes you stand out, then host it on your homepage. It’s a chance to explain what makes your firm great; showcase your people, culture, and areas of expertise.

Even something as simple as a short two-minute video that covers some of your firm’s core values and everyday culture can make it that much easier for visitors to gain trust and interest in your brand–and feel inspired to learn more.

Offer Educational Video Content 

Nowadays, almost every brand has a robust blog or knowledge base with FAQs and helpful tips for solving their target readers’ problems. Accounting is no different, though most accounting topics can be a little complex. That said, your clients may still find these topics important, and so helping them to understand them in greater detail will be extremely valuable.

Creating educational video content will not only help you avoid long blocks of dull, plain text, but it will make content much easier for clients and followers to understand. Educational videos don’t have to be lengthy lectures, just simple overviews that engage the audience and create new conversations. This doesn’t only apply to blogs, either.

Oftentimes, clients have questions or request information on specific matters. Providing simple videos that demonstrate your firm’s knowledge on any given topic with clear imagery and detailed audio puts you leagues ahead of simple FAQ pages that may never provide a clear enough explanation.

Show Client Testimonials or User Reviews

Even with all of the new ways to put a product or service in front of a target audience, word-of-mouth marketing is still king. And while any company can claim to be the best, having past clients actually vouch for that status on record is the best marketing a company could ever hope for.

This is why customer reviews and client testimonials are a huge part of most successful marketing campaigns.

Taking it a step further, testimonials that can be seen and heard through video are 4 times more popular than written reviews and testimonials, according to SupplyGem’s latest video marketing statistical roundup. The best part is that with the wide variety of virtual meeting software in use, collecting testimonials is easier than ever.

Simply ask to record your customers or past clients discussing your services, then compile them into an engaging video. By asking them the right questions, this type of video will not only build trust with potential clients, but also highlight your services. You can even share longer, more-detailed videos featuring a single client or customer as a case study, highlighting exactly how your firm has helped them.

Showcase Company Culture for Recruitment

Aside from the introduction video, showcasing the company’s culture is extremely critical for recruitment purposes. Recruitment is a sore spot for many firms, and competition is usually fierce. Recruitment videos are a great way to set your firm apart from the pack.

Job postings can only include so much information, so many of them get right down to the nitty-gritty. A much better way to engage potential candidates is to create interesting videos that detail the position, showcase the company culture, and introduce key team members.

Video can help you to stand out. Candidates can learn about the role in question, as well as get a feel for team dynamics and the day-to-day at your accounting firm.

They could begin feeling that sense of comradery before their application is even sent in! These videos can feature a quick tour of your office, a few interviews with employees at different levels, and a glimpse at the kind of perks you offer.

If you want to go a step further, you can also create an onboarding video for new hires. This will prevent a lot of back-and-forth during the orientation process, helping your already busy managers to get new talent onboarded faster.

Video marketing is a great way to engage your clients and make your accounting firm stand out from the crowd. By creating videos that will resonate with your target audience, you will definitely take your marketing campaign to all-new heights.

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