How to Streamline Content Creation with an Expert Interview

by Jun 12, 2024

There are a wealth of tactics for accounting marketers to streamline content creation, by using AI including generating outlines, writing drafts, and repurposing content into different formats. And while AI shines at leveraging resources and creatively reworking existing content, it can’t always showcase your firm’s unique perspective.

In general, for a marketer to create original content and include their firm’s perspective, they must tap into internal experts.

Of course, you may have to address several roadblocks, including:

  1. Limited available time, due to heavy workloads.
  2. Time spent on content creation is not billable.
  3. Limited writing and marketing expertise.

One answer to this content creation challenge is conducting expert interviews with your internal team.

In this article, we’ll share how you can efficiently create original content using AI and an expert interview.

Topic Selection

The first step is selecting the right topic to cover. The best way to select a topic is to pay attention to your clients and their needs. What questions are they asking? Are there common issues your clients are facing due to the current state of the economy or new legislation? Does the time of year influence the areas of focus? Be sure to ask your advisors for help identifying specific client issues.

Another great resource for topic selection is to follow other news sources like the IRS or the Journal of Accountancy. You can also follow other Accounting Firms' websites. The IPA Top 100 Firms post content multiple times a month if not daily. Subscribe to their blog and newsletters to keep on top of hot industry topics.

You can also monitor trending topics on BuzzSumo, SEM Rush or by using the Marketing by Numbers Article Sourcing tool. Search on general topics like tax or retirement planning and by industry to find industry-specific content. Pay attention to the article source and publish date to ensure the topic is accurate and relevant.

Preparation and Execution of an Expert Interview

Consider using an AI Writing tool like ChatGPT or the Marketing by Numbers AI Writing Assistant to quickly and easily prepare for the expert interview.

  1. Find 2-3 source articles on your selected topic that are timely and from reliable sources.
  2. Create a prompt in ChatGPT (or use the Marketing by Numbers AI Writing Assistant to streamline the process):

    - Sample Prompt -

    I am going to interview an expert on the topic of the following articles:

    Article #1 [Copy and Past Article #1 text]

    Article #2 [Copy and Past Article #2 text]

    Provide a list of questions related to the information in the articles that I can ask the expert. I would like to ask questions that help expand on the topics in the article and help me understand the significance of the information. With each question, please provide some factual context so the expert better understands the question. Do not include duplicate questions.
  3. Read through all of the questions. Make sure they are clear and easy to understand.
  4. Conduct and record a 30-minute online meeting with your internal expert.

Writing the Article

  1. Transcribe the recorded session. Use tools like Fathom AI Notetaker during the online meeting or upload the recorded session to Otter or Vimeo to get a full interview transcription.
  2. Use ChatGPT or the Marketing by Numbers AI Writing assistant to create a custom draft article based on interview transcription. Request a quote from the transcription in your prompt.

    - Sample Prompt -

    I have interviewed an expert on the topic of [Enter Topic]. Use the following transcription from the interview to write a new article:

    [Copy and paste the full transcription]

    Include a quote from the transcription from the interviewed expert. Ensure that the information in the new article is accurate based on the information in the transcription. The article length should be 600 to 900 words long. The tone of the article should be professional and engaging.
  3. Review the article to make sure it aligns with the information conducted in the interview. You may need to modify the prompt if you are not getting your desired results.
  4. Share the article with your internal expert using the Marketing by Numbers content collaboration tool or copy and paste the article into a Word Document using Microsoft 365. Ask them to review it for accuracy and modify any quotes as needed.

Once the article is approved, post it on your website and share it via email and social media.


Creating content from an expert interview is a massive time-saver that also tends to result in truly unique content. There’s no better way to communicate your firm’s expertise and identity than directly from the words of an internal team member, and AI can help give this process a boost. Marketing by Numbers helps accounting firms like yours streamline content creation and client communication through email and social media. If you’d like to learn more, schedue a call today. We look forward to getting to know you!

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