AI Webinar

The Power of AI in Accounting Marketing: Key Trends and Strategies

You’ve probably heard about the explosive rise of “generative artificial intelligence” or perhaps even used an AI called ChatGPT. AI can be used in many ways to assist in tasks such as content creation, optimization, and automation.

Join us for our upcoming webinar where we discuss AI technology and how Accounting Marketers can use this technology to create efficiencies in content creation and other aspects of their job.

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April 4 | 11AM - 12PM CST

April 4

11AM - 12PM CST

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April 6 | 2PM - 3PM CST

April 6


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What you will learn

  • Overview of AI – the tools and uses.
  • Introduction to OpenAI, the playground, and the models.
  • How AI may impact online search and SEO.
  • Google’s stance on AI-generated content.
  • How to create original content with the help of AI.
  • How to quickly develop article outlines from research.
  • How to use prompts to get better results.
  • How companies use fine-tuning and embeddings to improve AI results.
  • How AI can perform specific tasks and actions.

About the speaker

Don Breckenridge Jr.
Partner & Cofounder, Marketing by Numbers

Don Breckenridge Jr. is a serial entrepreneur passionate about creating technology solutions that can solve challenges for small and mid-sized businesses. Most recently, he created an AI-powered marketing platform that streamlines content creation and client communication exclusively for the accounting industry.

Over the past two years, Don has closely followed the evolution of AI Technology and its impact on technology and marketing operations. In a nutshell, AI is going to drastically change how marketers operate. The application of AI Technology is where the rubber meets the road and he is eager to share his learnings and the impact on the Accounting Marketers day to day operations.

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