The Power of AI in the Accounting Industry: What partners and advisors need to know

The impact of Artificial Intelligence is undeniable. AI’s capabilities are quickly growing and will soon be embedded in most of the applications we use each and every day. From writing articles and producing images to solving problems and performing actions, AI will help companies automate and achieve more than ever.

As a trusted advisor, it’s important to understand the capabilities, application and risks of AI for your clients. Without a doubt, your clients will ask for guidance and assistance in leveraging AI.

And as an advisor or leader in your firm, you’ll need to consider how AI can help you be more effective and efficient at delivering solutions to your clients. Firms that embrace AI will have an advantage over those that don’t.

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Aug 29 | 2PM - 3PM CST

Aug 29


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In this webinar, we’ll discuss the current state of AI, its capabilities and risks, and how it’s being leveraged by companies. More specifically, it will cover:

  • The rise of AI
  • Impact of AI on the workforce and Accounting Firms
  • Being a trusted advisor in the age of AI
  • What is a large language model and generative AI?
  • What is prompt engineering?
  • Should you allow employees to use AI/ChatGPT?
  • Considerations for governance and privacy of data
  • How AI is used for knowledge, content and automation.

    About the Speaker

    Don Breckenridge Jr.
    Partner & Cofounder, Marketing by Numbers

    Don Breckenridge is a cofounder and partner at Marketing by Numbers, an AI-powered marketing platform that streamlines content creation and client communication for accounting firms. The marketing platform includes the RSM Content Center that enables RSM Alliance members to publish RSM content to their website. Don leads development of the MBN technology and has been focused on leveraging artificial intelligence for accounting firms and their clients.

    Over the past 25 years, Don has started and lead multiple software companies including the BenchmarkONE (a sales and marketing CRM) and Sendouts (an applicant tracking system for recruiters, acquired by Bullhorn/Vista Equity).

    About Marketing by Numbers

    Marketing by Numbers is the only AI-powered marketing platform designed specifically for accounting firms. The platform helps firms leverage thought leadership to showcase their expertise, educate clients and prospects, and generate intelligent conversions that result in new engagements.

    Larger firms are able to utilize the platform’s hands-on features whereas mid-sized firms with limited marketing resources can use our "done for you" service. The result for all firms is a streamlined marketing process that helps engage your firms contacts and drive growth.

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