Do your clients know about all the services you can provide?

by May 22, 2023

Your client’s business and personal situations will change over time. As their situations change, so will their needs and the type of professional support they will require.

Do your clients know about all the services your firm provides? And will they know to come to you when certain situations occur?

Probably not. In a perfect world, your professionals sitting down with their clients each quarter to check in, see what’s changed, educate them on new tax laws, and make them aware of the services your firm provides and when they may need them. In reality, there are not enough hours in the day. Your team is working long hours and trying to keep up with client work. While top-tier clients may get that level of attention, most clients are being ignored.

If a client is not aware of a service you provide, they will take their business elsewhere.

While this is not the ideal level of service a firm wants to provide, the bigger problem is that you are missing opportunities. It’s far easier to upsell or cross-sell to an existing client than to attract and close the deal with a new one. With each additional service you provide, the client will get further entrenched with your firm, making it much harder to leave. The answer lies in educating clients on a larger scale.

Thought Leadership Content

One of the best ways to educate clients is to create thought leadership content that ties a topic or problem to a specific service you offer. Your clients will self-select topics relevant to their situation, be educated on the topic, and be made aware that this is a service you provide. For example, the topic “Do I Need a Will?” can not only explain the reasons for having a will but can explain how the firm’s estate planning department can help create a will and a complete estate plan.

You can create articles and videos or even conduct a live webinar for your clients. Showcase the content on your blog or resource gallery on your website.

Be sure to feature the subject matter expert within the firm and provide a link to the service area of your website. Ensure they have an easy way to get in touch by including a phone number or form at the bottom of the article.

Send emails and post social media content so your clients know when new content is available.
Be sure to make a plan to create and communicate content so each area of service is introduced to your clients over the span of a year. You can mix service-focused topics with other thought leadership content you create and communicate.

How this helps

Your clients will be educated on important topics for their business and personal situations but also become aware of the breadth of services you offer.

It will enable you to upsell and cross-sell your existing clients, increase revenue, solidify relationships and optimize your client service.

Finally, it also ensures you are always on the client’s mind, keeping them updated on everything you offer. Your firm will be the first option they consider when they require a new service. It also ensures you can work on more projects and better serve your clients to develop healthy, long-term relationships.

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