Case Study

Transforming Challenges into Opportunities: The Johnson & Sheldon Marketing Revolution

Johnson & Sheldon, a large professional accounting and consulting firm, had established themselves as an IPA Top 500 Accounting Firm, but due to limited internal resources, their digital presence and client communication were not reflective of a leading firm.

This case study explores their marketing challenges, solutions to overcome those obstacles, and improvements, which moved Johnson & Sheldon to enhanced visibility, engagement, and a competitive edge in their sector.


Johnson & Sheldon

Johnson & Sheldon, PLLC, is based in Texas with over 30 years of experience.

They are affiliated with AICPA, Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants and up to date with industry standards set in place by RSM US Alliance.

Their services include auditing, accounting, bookkeeping, payroll services, tax planning, tax preparation and business consulting and serve many different types of industries.


Large (~50 Employees)


Amarillo, TX (Main)

Hereford, TX






Branded Videos

RSM Articles


Social Media Manager

Marketing Facilitator Services

Confronting Challenges

Johnson & Sheldon struggled with common industry challenges, primarily due to limited internal resources to focus on marketing strategy and tactics. They had a limited online presence and inconsistent digital engagements with their audience. They recently built a new website but did not publish thought leadership content or communicate with their audience through email or social media. Johnson & Sheldon missed vital opportunities to connect with clients, prospective clients, and potential hires to share valuable updates and promote their services. This inconsistency impacted their brand awareness, customer loyalty, and growth.

Implementing Strategies

As part of the RSM Alliance, Johnson Sheldon had access to an extensive collection of resources they could use. Moreover, they also utilized the Marketing by Numbers branded videos to enhance their content. Through the Marketing by Numbers Platform, they could instantly post the RSM content and MBN videos consistently and were doing a terrific job, but it was not enough alone. Johnson & Sheldon understood the significance of publishing thought leadership content and expressed the desire to enhance their online presence and improve communications.
They had solved part of their marketing issues. However, due to high client demands and limited internal resources, they were still underutilizing the MBN platform regarding email marketing and social media, specifically the email builder, CRM, and social media manager features.

We introduced them to the Marketing Facilitator Service, which provides an accounting firm with an additional resource that leverages the MBN platform features on their behalf. This service focuses on strategy and execution, allowing an accounting firm with limited resources to consistently post thought leadership content and communicate through email and social media. During our initial strategy session with Johnson & Sheldon, we made recommendations and set goals for both email and social media. The goal is to post twice weekly on social media and send out a newsletter once per month, eventually including a single-topic email.

The facilitator sends a content approval document every two weeks, which includes article recommendations, email topics, and social media posts, to help the firm stay on track. The objective for Johnson & Sheldon was to continue building their online presence by consistently posting on social media and sending emails/newsletters.

Let’s examine the two areas we focused on the most to build Johnson & Sheldon’s online presence and digital communication with social media and newsletters.

Social Media Strategy

Consistency is crucial to increasing anyone’s online presence. Therefore, we began establishing a regular posting schedule for Johnson & Sheldon. Our technique involved using eye-catching visuals, captivating captions, relevant hashtags, and targeted keywords to keep their followers engaged and boost their brand’s online presence.

The marketing facilitator streamlined this process using the social media manager because our all-in-one platform features sync with everything published from our platform to their insight gallery. Therefore, from the social media manager, the facilitator could quickly select articles to post or schedule with a click of a button. Additionally, the facilitator monitored post metrics, saw past posts, and scheduled or drafted future posts beyond thought leadership content.

We started the new marketing plan in October of 2023. Below are key metrics from Johnson & Sheldon’s Facebook and LinkedIn business pages that emphasize the effectiveness of our marketing strategic approach.

Newsletter Strategy

Consistency is also crucial for email marketing because it builds trust and familiarity with the audience, leading to higher engagement rates and stronger customer relationships. As a result, we established to consistently post a newsletter the third week of the month. We designed a newsletter to keep subscribers informed and engaged with company updates and thought leadership content.

Once again, the marketing facilitator streamlined this process using the email builder because our all-in-one platform features sync with everything published from our platform to their insight gallery. For this reason, from the email builder, the facilitator could quickly drag and drop predesigned article sections into their newsletter. Furthermore, with a single click, the facilitator sends the newsletter template to the CRM, where we can email Johnson & Sheldon’s newsletter list.

We finalized the newsletter in December 2023, and the first one went out in December of 2023. Below are statistics showcasing the effectiveness of our marketing strategic approach.


Johnson & Sheldon’s journey through their marketing challenges highlights the importance of maintaining a consistent online presence and the effectiveness of employing our all-in-one platform. Their struggles with digital engagement and underutilization of our platform resulted in a disconnect with their online audience. Adopting our Marketing Facilitator Services marked a turning point, enabling Johnson & Sheldon to harness the full potential of our platform and maintain a consistent online presence. Our strategic efforts improved their online presence and increased their engagement with clients, prospective clients, and potential hires. This transformation showcases the essential nature of consistent digital communication and the strategic integration of our all-in-one platform to achieve growth and enhance brand recognition in the digital era.