How It Works.

We combine CRM, Thought Leadership Content, and Marketing Strategy to help Accounting Firms showcase their expertise to clients and prospects, and generate intelligent conversations that lead to new business opportunities.

Step 1: What to Send

You Choose the Topics

We’ve built a library of marketing content covering a wide variety of topics to educate your clients and prospects. All content has been written and vetted by professional CPAs, so you can count on accuracy.

Each month, you’ll choose which topics from our library that you’d like to send to your clients; or we can choose for you.

Step 2: Personalize the Design

Add a Custom Image

Make your content really stand out by selecting an image from our stock image gallery and apply a social media treatment.

Step 3: Distribute the Content to Your Clients

We Send the Videos or Articles to your Clients

Your contacts want to receive information relevant to their particular situation. In order to accomplish this, we load your contacts into our super sweet marketing software. We then segment your contacts, so we know who’s a business owner, who gets a W2, who has kids, etc.

For each topic you post to your website, we upload a corresponding email template ready to go. You can send the email or we can send it for you.

In addition, we include an RSS feed to our Social Media Manager so you can easily post content to multiple social media all at once. Or, set it up to post automatically.

Step 4: Get the Conversations Started

You Get Conversation Alerts

Each email and landing page will provide a high level overview of a given topic. If interested, your contact is able to request a phone call, which triggers an immediate Conversation Alert.

Step 5: See Success

Your Reporting Center

We know you’re all about the numbers, so you’ll love our reporting center. You’re not only able to view your metrics, but see how your metrics compare to the averages across all other firms.

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